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Hi! My name is Melanie. I am 48 and have been a tea fanatic for years. Growing up, I often dreamt that I was Scottish or British. My love for everything UK followed me into adulthood and I became enthralled with collecting unique teacups and ordered books from England to learn how to properly brew loose leaf tea. I drank coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.

During a “dream come true” visit to England in 2000, I tasted a variety of wonderful teas in the homes we stayed in. I came home and very quickly gave up my morning coffee and drank tea all day long. My husband, who never drinks coffee, had already perfected his tea making - warming the pot, knowing exactly when to pour the hot water, and determining brewing time. He however, is not as adventurous as I am. He stuck with his “breakfast blend” while I began buying and tasting more and more tea varieties!

Now I drink a pot of tea every morning, and then at least 2 – 5 cups of various teas every day!

I am a mother of 3 (all young adults now), a published author, and used to be very active - speaking at conferences and retreats, teaching preschool dance, playing tennis etc. But 8.5 years ago, I became sick with a chronic illness. Part of this illness requires that I take medication and drink lots of fluids before I get out of bed because of low blood volume (which makes it hard to stand without fainting) So, now, my sweet husband brings me a pot of tea to drink in bed every morning!

I am now very active online, because I am not able to be active physically. I enjoy online communities and blogging. I am also now an artist – something I’d never pursued until I became ill. I paint with watercolor and sell my art online and occasionally, when my illness allows, at outdoor art venues. I’ve also won awards in several local art shows.

I drink tea all day - often switching around the varieties just for fun. But I also drink tea medicinally. Because my stomach doesn't empty correctly, I often look for teas that will settle my stomach or help me digest. I also need the antioxidant work of green teas because I don’t get much otherwise, due to food restrictions. Tea is also my "comfort food" when I am down, and tasting new teas is my adventure!

Receiving a new tea to taste is like Christmas morning to me! My 20 year old daughter often complains about my exploding collection of teas. She says they will always remember these years of my life as the “tea” years.

My favorite teas are always black teas from India or Sri Lanka, but in the past year, my tea world has been opened wide. I now love Oolong, one of my favorites being Coconut Pouchong, and I have been thrilled to find many green teas that I love, as well as white tea, and I even have a favorite green rooibos!

I love a good unique tea, and am always looking for that next tea that is going to “wow” me!

Website: http://thecreatorspalette.com

Melanie's Favorite Tea Products

Organic India Tulsi Lemon Ginger Tea     10/10
Golden Tips CTC Assam Exotic Black Tea     10/10
LuxBerry Tea Lychee Garden Peach     10/10
Palanquin Tea Cardamom Tea     10/10
Volcano Winery Estate White Tea     10/10
Tea Embassy C.S. Lewis Blend     10/10
Joy's Teaspoon Red Elephant     10/10
Joy's Teaspoon Cinnamon Roll     10/10
Joy's Teaspoon Berry Earl Grey     10/10
Boston Tea Company Organic Vanilla Almond Black Tea     10/10

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