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I'm Rebekah, and I don't remember not being a tea drinker. I grew up on sweet Southern iced tea, sweetened with Sweet-n-Low as a concession to my diabetic mother and brother. I first started drinking hot teas while visiting an aunt in my early pre-teen years, we would sip on herbal infusions while eating frozen grapes and watching television at night. While the herbal infusions that I tried then were not my favorite, they sparked my interest in exploring the realm of tea. I am now a die hard tea addict.

I believe that finding a good tea is like finding a good wine, you have to develop your taste for it, and it takes trial and error to find the ones you like. I discovered that I do not care much for most herbal infusions and drinking fruity teas is not to my taste. My favorite tea is probably Barry's Gold Blend, with a little rice or soy milk and some honey, after that I go for a good Chai or other spicy blends. I will drink ginger infusions (good for digestion) and occasionally go for a tea with a citrus undertone, but still prefer that the tea be the main player.

I recently graduated from a university here in the mountains of North Carolina, and have dreams of someday using my degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management to run my own B&B/retreat center with a tea room attached. This past birthday (23rd) my friends decided they were going to prepare me for this, I received tons of tea and 6 tea pots!!! The one argument my mom and I have had since I moved back home (I also dream of paying off school loans in a year) has been over the issue of where to store my tea collection. My love affairs include faith journeys, travel, mountains, music, reading, dark chocolate and tea; I love it even more when these can be combined!

Rebekah's Favorite Tea Products

Teatulia Black     10/10
Yogi Tea Mexican Sweet Chili     9/10
Adagio Lapsang Souchong     8/10
Indonique Kashmiri Chai     8/10
SpecialTeas Rooibos Chai     8/10
SpecialTeas Rooibos Vanilla     8/10
Barry's Gold Blend     8/10
MarketSpice Northwest Breakfast Tea     8/10
Tea Zone Monk's Blend     7/10
SerendipiTea Buccaneer     7/10

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