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My name is Tiffany and I am a pre-medical student in Tallahassee applying for medical school. With having to endure so many responsibilities along with uncertainty of where I’ll end up next year, stress has recently become a frequent visitor. Without the time to go to the gym or take walks around town, I have turned to tea. Within minutes I can brew a cup to sooth the nerves and awaken the mind.

While I’ve always enjoyed tea, I never used to drink it outside of having the flu. Considering the way I was raised, drinking tea outside of being sick never posed itself as an option to me. Tea was what you drank in response to a cold or flue, that’s it. Tea was also only consumed with massive amounts of honey and lemon juice! While tasty, that much honey and lemon cannot be enjoyed on a regular basis and must be reserved for “special occasions.”

While working in retail at the Aventura Mall in Miami a fellow employee invited me to have some tea at the new Teavana store. I fell in love. Never before had I been exposed to a tea that didn’t require bag and string! The varieties were endless and the blend possibilities were inspiring. That Christmas I bought everyone tea (and bought myself a tin of each variety I could afford!) While I enjoyed the teas, they remained hidden behind canned goods in the pantry. Not too shortly thereafter, the stress from my looming MCAT took over. During the stressful response to rummage through everything in the kitchen, I stumbled across the long-forgotten tins of tea.

Now, I’m hooked. Although I still don’t have time to do much of anything outside school, I am at least able to relax for a couple minutes a day to reevaluate what needs to be done and approach things with a fresh mind. I’m more awake, eat less, sleep better, am more productive and feel more in control. With all the hustle and bustle involved with trying to meet goals and expectations, it’s hard to find something that doesn’t take up time to help sustain sanity. While I miss the gym and taking my daily walks, tea offers a wonderfully soothing substitute.

Tiffany's Favorite Tea Products

Jacksons of Piccadilly Fair Trade Assam     10/10
TeaGschwender China Yin Zhen Silver Needles     10/10
TeaGschwendner Assam Marangi     9/10
Boulder Tea Hojicha Fuka-iri     9/10
Tea Guys Maple Sugar     8.5/10
Golden Moon Irish Breakfast     8/10
Teavana Rooibos Rose Garden     8/10
Golden Moon Sugar Caramel Oolong     7.5/10
Tea Guys Green Caramel     7/10

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