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My name is Vanessa and I am a marine biologist. I am an animal lover (but not an extremist), and my 4 small dogs run my life. I am active in a min-pin rescue group that works to place abandoned min-pins into permanent homes. My other passions include music, triathlons, half-marathons, and any activity that involves me being in the ocean. I currently live just south of Miami. Despite the near-constant warm weather, I still crave tea, although about half of my daily intake is of the iced variety, particularly in the summer. I believe that some teas just taste better hot, while others are destined to be mixed with ice cubes. As a result, my tea cabinet (yes, a whole cabinet dedicated to storing tins and pouches of tea) is now overflowing, since I love trying new types of tea, and need to accommodate both hot and iced varieties! I would not consider myself a top tea connoisseur, but let's just say you won't catch me drinking Lipton teabags any time soon. When I first discovered high-quality teas (about 8 years ago), I was almost exclusively a flavored tea drinker (as I have a sweet-tooth that knows no end!). As I learn more about teas, though, I am becoming more interested in simple unflavored teas that allow you to just taste the tea, and not the added flavor that typically masks lower-grade tea. As far as black teas go, I am much more a fan of Indian/Ceylon estate teas than Chinese varieties. Oolong always ranks high on my list of teas, too. I am still acquiring the palette for many green teas. Because I am concerned with over-caffeinating from the heavy tea intake, I do drink at least one cup of white, herbal and/or decaf each day; current favorites include a caramel-flavored rooibos and a chamomile-lemongrass-peppermint blend that was all grown in my own garden!

Besides the herbal teas that I grow myself, I obtain my tea supply from a variety of vendors, mostly online. Favorite vendors include Specialteas, Serendipitea, Adagio, Rishi, and Zhi tea.


Vanessa's Favorite Tea Products

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker     10/10
American Tea Room Bao Zhong Royale     10/10
Canton Tea Co. Magnolia Blossom Oolong     10/10
American Tea Room Toasted Fig Pu Er Blend     10/10
Art of Tea Mandarin Silk     10/10
American Tea Room Ruby Black     10/10
Tiger Spring Tea English Peppermint     10/10
The Necessiteas Strawberry Shortcake     10/10
California Tea House Yunnan Golden Buds     10/10
Zhi Tea Ambrosia     10/10

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