Bilberry Tea

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HELPS Kids For Rehydration Diets

7.2/10  —  2 reviews
Teaviews Member: Sophie Sophie's review:
"The combination of floral and fruity tones is well balanced, novel and (not too surprisingly) thirst-quenching."
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Teaviews Member: Dan Dan's review:
"1-word review from a 4.5-year old: "Weird!" But dad says: "Taste-wise, the cup is nice. The anise flavor is prominent, and pleasant. There is a bit of bitterness - akin to the taste of a less-sweet bitter blueberry. There's also a sharpness at the back of the throat, which may be off-putting to some kids...""
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Tea Embassy Georgian BIlberry

6/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: MaryAnn MaryAnn's review:
"Traditional Georgian processing for black tea applied to the bilberry plant, making a completely new kind of tea."
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Merkaba Black Merlot

6/10  —  3 reviews
Teaviews Member: K K's review:
"This isn't a bad tea, but no aspect of it stands out as particularly appealing. It smells similar to blackberries and has a shallow, slighty tart fruity flavour."
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Teaviews Member: Vanessa Vanessa's review:
"The overwhelming flavor that came through for me was the berries, bringing with them an acidic and tart (but not too tart) zing. I typically don't go for fruity teas, so I wasn't exactly thrilled by the acidity, but it wasn't so bad as to turn me off from the tea."
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Teaviews Member: Laura Laura's review:
"It is very smooth and not very tart considering that it has the hibiscus and only a nominal amount of sugar. The berry flavor does taste mostly like blackberries as promised and is nicely done. "
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HELPS Wellness For Low Sugar Diets

4.3/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: Raven Raven's review:
"Such an interesting idea and a blend to match, that has plenty of natural sweetness but the stevia has a strongly papery footing."
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