Honeydew Melon Tea

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Dragonwater Rooibos Pumpkin

9.5/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: Laura Laura's review:
"Not sure why they call this pumpkin rooibos--other than maybe they had concerns that no one would order a honeydew and cream flavored tea? Even if this doesn't sound particularly appealing to you, I have to tell you it is awesome and I am hooked!!"
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American Tea Room Special Reserve Midori Sencha

8/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: Kari Kari's review:
"One of the better senchas I have tasted and it's full and full of melon flavor."
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ESP Emporium Watermelon Fruit Tea

7.5/10  —  2 reviews
Teaviews Member: Laura Laura's review:
" The sweetness is a bit less intense in the cold beverage. Again, it still tastes a bit more like honeydew melon than watermelon to me, but I cannot disagree with ESP Emporium's statement that a watermelon note does unfold---primarily in the aftertaste."
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Teaviews Member: Shaiha Shaiha's review:
"Delightful iced. The perfect way to combat the summer heat."
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Tiesta Tea Sweet Citrus Honeydew

7/10  —  2 reviews
Teaviews Member: K K's review:
"I would like it to have some more acidity in order to cut through the melony sweetness."
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Teaviews Member: Vanessa Vanessa's review:
"The tea does hold true to its name, offering distinctly obvious citrus and melon flavors, however in the end it is the hibiscus that trumps all else. "
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