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Tea Guys Sweet Pumpkin Spice

7.2/10  —  5 reviews
Teaviews Member: Christine Christine's review:
"Fans of pumpkin spice, especially those who prefer to avoid black tea, may just find themselves a new favorite with this one."
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Teaviews Member: Numi Numi's review:
"The light body is overpowered by the strong spices and, since I'm thinking about apple cider, I can't help but wish there were more substance or complexity to the spices to add depth."
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Teaviews Member: Vanessa Vanessa's review:
"While the spicy flavors come through and are most definitely reminiscent of pumpkin pie flavors, I found a notable absence of actual pumpkin flavor here, despite the addition of pumpkin pieces and pumpkin seeds to the mix."
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Teaviews Member: Katie Katie's review:
"All the flavours meld together perfectly without any single one unnecessarily standing out from the rest, and they all stay long into the aftertaste. This tea is, in a word, delightful."
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Teaviews Member: Jamie Jamie's review:
"This tea, to my taste, is just over the edge of a flavorful balance. It is a little too intensely, almost artificially strong and sweet both in the nose and on the taste buds, though I should be clear that there are no artificial ingredients whatsoever in this tea blend."
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