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Adagio Genmai Cha

9/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: Troy Troy's review:
"Sharp, nutty and toasty flavor with an unexpected popcorn twist. This is a regular repurchase for me."
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American Tea Room Genmaimatcha

8.8/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: Vanessa Vanessa's review:
"The flavor is well-rounded and offers grainy, nutty, and vegetal notes, all of which are well complemented by the subtle natural sweetness of the matcha."
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Maeda-en Genmai-Cha Brown Rice Tea With Matcha

8/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: Troy Troy's review:
"Exactly whats promised, a rich, decidedly Japanese Genmai-cha."
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American Tea Room Genmaicha

7.3/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: Laura Laura's review:
"The properly prepared brewed cup commands your attention and it is probably the most roasty and toasty of all the Genmaichas that I have tried!"
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Driftwood Tea Osmanthus Oolong

6.8/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: Sophie Sophie's review:
"Those who like peach and apricot flavoured teas would do well to check this blend out. "
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