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Fusion Tea Room Turkish Apple "Apple Vanilla"

6.8/10  —  2 reviews
Teaviews Member: Sophie Sophie's review:
"A fruity infusion that is well balanced – tart without being too acidic, featuring a softly sweet apple flavour."
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Teaviews Member: Vanessa Vanessa's review:
"This tea drinks much like an apple-cranberry fruit juice cocktail, except with the tartness factor kicked up a notch or two"
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Fusion Tea Room Jasmine with Flowers

6.5/10  —  2 reviews
Teaviews Member: K K's review:
"The flavour is balanced, but the jasmine itself is a bit too harsh to make a delicate, brilliant blend."
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Teaviews Member: Sophie Sophie's review:
"This tea is sweet and smooth, without going overboard. It's entirely drinkable but doesn't particularly stand out of the crowd."
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