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James Norwood Pratt The New Tea Lover's Treasury

10/10  —  1 review
Teaviews Member: Jamie Jamie's review:
"Especially helpful to those still attempting to learn more than a little about the fascinating world of tea is the following encouraging advice, delivered with the qualities I most admire in any teacher who truly loves and wants to share his passion: "Be patient with yourself. Don't worry about 'doing it wrong.' It all becomes second nature soon enough.""
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How to drink tea with chopsticks

Posted by Stephen
First step: Go into near-Earth orbit. :-) ...
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Tea for Two... Decades?

Posted by Stephen
The Calcultta Telegraph ran a story today on Bhismadeb Sarkar, an 80-year-old bicycle repairman from Katwa, India, who gave up all food 22 years ago and has lived ever since on a diet of not...
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Tea and Pornography Don't Mix in South Dakota

Posted by Stephen
Occasionally I Google news stories that have to do with tea, because, well, I suppose I'm a bit off. Anyway, one story popped up with a title that caught my eye: Tea residents want to shut ...
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Not for all the tea in China? Well, actually...

Posted by Stephen
Pu'er tea is a new one to me, probably because - as the Daily Telegraph wrote today - 500 grams of the stuff can sell in China for as much as $120,000US. And while I may be a tea fanatic, I'...
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